Photography is my lifelong passion. Since I was a teen, I've spent time behind the lenses of everything from 110 point and shoots to 5x7 view cameras. Today, I use a digital SLR and post-process on the computer. I'm a father and husband with a day job so this is a free-time passion. I photograph what interests me. That often includes water. I'm on a quest to photograph running water so the viewer can hear it as loudly as I did when I was there. Sometimes, though, my goal is to convey the silent beauty of a scene from a morning hike. 
That day job I mentioned is as a lawyer with extensive experience in estate planning and the administration of trusts and estates. I practice in Kentucky and North Carolina. I'm a thought leader in my niche and an early adopter of technology--when it helps my clients. Applying 21st century tools to the long-established principles of trusts and estates is fun and rewarding. My skills aren't just technical, however. I give my clients practical, empathetic advice that respects business and family realities.
I hope you enjoy my galleries. I'll be adding to them as I apply my post-processing skills to older images and as I get out and shoot more.
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